Who is Solidarity Northshore?

Solidarity Northshore is a collective group based on the tribal land of the Naumkeag, whose work is dedicated to community care and the abolition of all oppressive systems, starting with police and prisons.

We demand the gradual steps towards the abolition of our police department, police unions, and the destructive principles of this institutionalized policing that have enforced unjust laws onto our communities, disproportionately targeting Black, Indigenous, and people of color for decades. Our goal for abolition will be grounded in the foundations of a decentralized rehabilitative justice system for and by the people.


What do we do?

Solidarity Northshore practices mutual aid to create solidarity-based support among the community. This network is meant to fulfill the needs of the underserved in Salem, specifically the unhoused, low income black and brown population. Community based mutual aid strives to create systems of sustainability and growth that frees itself from the directorate and dependence of governmental bodies. In this case, the city of Salem.


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Email us at solidaritynorthshore@gmail.com with questions or suggestions!